Jessamine County Animal Care & Control

DECOR_single paw print  Our Mission Statement    DECOR_single paw print

      Jessamine County Animal Care & Control was established by Jessamine County Fiscal Court in accordance with the Kentucky Revised Statutes. Its mission is to provide services which safeguard the public health and its safety, to humanely house and care for animals in its charge, to protect the animals of the community from abuse and neglect, and to provide its citizens with information concerning responsible ownership.

DECOR_single paw print   Our Goals and Objectives  DECOR_single paw print

      The Jessamine County Animal Care and Control was created to provide the following services for the citizens of Jessamine County.
  •   to provide services which aid in containing free-roaming animals in order to prevent human injuries and the spread of zoonotic diseases.
  •  to provide services which help prevent animals from becoming nuisances to the community or a burden to its citizens.
  •  to provide a physical facility which will house lost, unwanted and neglected animals in a humane manner.
  •  to provide health care services to those animals housed to prevent suffering.
  •  to provide comprehensive and responsible adoption counseling and services.
  •  to provide unwanted, sick or injured animals with humane euthanasia, according them dignity and respect during that act.
  •  to strive to improve performance through education and dedication to our mission.
  •  to supply the Fiscal Court with accurate information upon which to base decisions for service level and expansion.
  •  to create public information and education programs which will assist the members of this community in becoming more responsible pet owners.

DECOR_single paw print  Our Staff    DECOR_single paw print

Jessy Couch

 Marcie Pendleberry

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 Jessy started as a Shelter Technician and Rescue Coordinator in August 2014 and is now one of our vet technicians. She has been working with animals since 2009. She is knowledgeable in animal behavior and helps ready cats and dogs for adoption. Head Shelter Technician since May 2014, Marcy is well-versed in medical practices and is very passionate about bringing all ill animals to health so that they may be adopted. There is no case too challenging or too gross for Marcy to handle.




New Officer

Tabitha Vergara

Dillon Campbell

Coming Soon! With a background in both medical and animal fields Tabitha has made a great addition to the JCACC Team. Her knowledge of animal behavior has proven invaluable in both day-to-day shelter activities as well as the all-important goal of matching the right animals with the right adopters. A Customer, Volunteer, and Animal Care Associate since February 2017, Dillon is very enthusiastic about his work at the shelter. He handles many of the digital aspects of the job and is happy to help all animals find a home.


Director Tim Brown

Jessica Doolin

Officer Rachel Stinnett

Tim has had a strong background in both law enforcement and animal wellfare ever since he was a teenager. He served with LPD for six years before moving to LFACC in 2013. He now serves as the ACO Chief and Shelter Director for JCACC and works diligently in the effort of bettering our shelter, community, and services.  Jessica initially joined our team in July of 2020; despite being an Environmental Studies student at UK she is passionate enough to have made the move from part- to full-time employee here at the shelter. Rachel has been aiding our local community as a Jessamine County employee for over six years. After entering the field of law enforcement when starting in the Sheriff's Office, she recently made the move to join our team in order to become our newest Animal Control Officer.