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We accept many forms of donations. Checks and money orders need to be made payable to JCFC (Jessamine County Fiscal Court).

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Generous donations from the community provide us many of the toys, blankets, leashes, collars, foods, and treats that we give to our animals. It is thanks to these new or gently-used donations that our animals experience a good quality of life while at our shelter. Below is a list of the goods that we commonly use around the shelter and prefer to receive in donations (however, any donation of any item or size is welcome). 


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 Gift Cards

    We accept all gift cards, but prefer cards for Amazon, Wal-Mart, Kroger's, Lowe's, Southern States, Tractor Supply, or any pet store.

 Kitten & Puppy Milk Replacement

     We are often in need of kitten and puppy milk replacement, as this is in high-demand at our shelter. We accept liquid and powder formulas of any brand.

 Baby Wipes

     We accept any brand of baby wipes as long as they are unscented.

 Cat Toys

    We accept all cat toys, including stuffed toys, battery-operated toys, catnip toys, squeaky toys, toys with bells or feathers, and more.

 Large, Durable Toys for Big Dogs

     We accept any dog toys, though large and durable dog toys are most preferred. Common examples include Kong toys, rope toys, Nylabones, and antlers/hooves (for dogs). We ask that you do not bring rawhide or basted bones.

 Soft Dog & Cat Treats

     We accept any brand of soft treats for cats and dogs of any age, such as Pup-Peroni, Beggin' Strips, Canine Carry Outs, Wellness, Friskies, Whiskas Temptations, and more.

 HE Laundry Detergent

     We frequently use HE (high efficiency) laundry detergent and always welcome donations of liquid detergents. This includes brands such as Tide, Persil, All, and anything else that says HE on the bottle.


     Bleach is a high-demand item that we always accept in any brand or quantity.

 Blue Dawn Dish Soap

     While we appreciate all soap donations, we prefer the blue Dawn dish soap because it kills fleas.

 Glade Plugins and Air Fresheners

     We ask for the donation of Glade plug-ins or air fresheners. Any scent of plug-ins are acceptable as long as they are Glade brand.

 Canned Wet Dog/Puppy Food

     All food donations of any brand are welcome.

 Canned Wet Cat/Kitten Food

     All food donations of any brand are welcome.
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Thank you for your support!