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We depend largely on the support of local businesses for us to continue attending public events and for the funding of the welfare of our animals. We host many of our own events as well, though it would be impossible to do so without the selfless support from our community. If you are an individual or a business interested in sponsoring the JCACC or any of its events, please look at the information below on sponsoring.

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DECOR_single paw print Who Is Allowed to Sponsor the JCACC?

Anyone from individuals all the way to large corporations who have room in their heart to support love. Sponsors may be one-time or recurring supporters.

DECOR_single paw print What Am I Allowed to Donate?

We ask that businesses provide monetary donations to alleviate the many costs of the events we host and attend. From there, we welcome the donation of goodies advertising your company so that we may pass them out in "swag bags" at our events.

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What Are the Benefits of Sponsoring the JCACC?

By sponsoring the JCACC, you are aiding our functions as an animal shelter as well as supporting the rescues that occur in the community. In addition, we often have many rewards based on the level of sponsorship. With most sponsorship packages, there will be mention of your business with a name and logo on our social media outlets, your logo advertised on banners or flyers at the events that you sponsor, occasional mention during our interviews with radio or news stations, free passes to the events for your employees, and an opportunity to set up a 10x10 vendor booth at applicable events where you may hand out items to promote your company.

DECOR_single paw print What Are Common Events To Sponsor?

Some of our annual events include the Barks and Recreation: The Fast and the Furriest 5K/3K Run or Walk in September, the Boo-Wow Walk in October, and our Christmas Open House in December. We have other events throughout the year that also benefit from sponsorships. The shelter will be happy to work something out based on your schedule and interests.

DECOR_single paw print Can I Host an Event at My Facility?

Yes! Please contact us so we can plan accordingly.

DECOR_single paw print Interested In Sponsoring?

We ask interested parties to contact us at jessaminecountyacc@gmail.com so that we may finalize your heartfelt donation. You will be sent paperwork that corresponds to the event you are interested in supporting. If desired, an in-person meeting can be arranged.

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If you have any other questions about beginning a sponsorship with us, please feel free to contact us at jessaminecountyacc@gmail.com. We welcome all donations, big or small, and we hope to hear from you soon!